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The firm provides patent services across a wide range of technology sectors including biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics, agricultural sciences, crop sciences, medical devices, food technology, telecommunications, computer software and many other technology areas.

We prepare your case in a way to succeed.

Our services include:

  • Patent searches and opinion

  • Prior art searches

  • Patent drafting

  • Patent filing

  • Patent prosecution- Considering and responding to examination reports issued by the Patent Office

  • Patent Opposition

  • Patent Revocation

  • Hearings before the Indian Patent Office

  • Advice relating to patent infringement and validity of patent

  • Conducting patent due diligence

  • Appeal matters before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)

  • Filing of PCT International applications/convention applications/PCT Nationalization

  • Patent maintenance services (Patent Renewals in India and internationally)

  • Advice on the assignment and licensing of patent rights and recordals

  • Patent Monitoring


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New Delhi - 110 024