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Plant Variety Protection (PVP) is a form of intellectual property that provides legal protection for new plant varieties. This protection allows breeders to have exclusive control over the production, sale, and distribution of their new plant varieties for a specified period of time.

Farmers' Rights, on the other hand, are rights that ensure that farmers have access to and can benefit from the use of new plant varieties protected by PVP. These rights include the right to save and exchange seeds, the right to participate in the development of new plant varieties, and the right to equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of these plant varieties. Our services include,

  • PVP Application Filing: An online application process for breeders seeking to register their new plant varieties for PVP protection

  • PVP Maintenance and Renewal: Assistance with maintaining and renewing PVP protection for registered plant varieties

  • PVP Enforcement: Legal assistance to protect PVP rights and prevent unauthorized use or infringement of registered plant varieties

  • Farmers' Rights Education: Education and training on the importance of Farmers' Rights and how they can be exercised by farmers

  • Farmers' Rights Consultancy: Expert advice and guidance on all aspects of Farmers' Rights, including how they can be incorporated into breeding programs

  • Farmers' Seed Production: Assistance with seed production for registered plant varieties, including training on seed saving and exchange

  • PVP Research and Development: Research and development of new plant varieties and identification of potential PVP candidates

  • Benefit Sharing: Assistance with negotiating and implementing equitable benefit-sharing agreements between breeders and farmers

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