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Traditional Knowledge (TK) refers to the knowledge, innovations, and practices of indigenous and local communities, which are often passed down through generations. TK can relate to a range of areas, including agriculture, medicine, and natural resource management.

Biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms on earth, including plants, animals, and microorganisms, as well as the ecosystems in which they live. Biodiversity is important for many reasons, including providing food and medicine, regulating the climate, and maintaining ecological balance. Our services include,

  • TK Documentation: Assistance with documenting and preserving traditional knowledge and cultural practices of indigenous and local communities

  • TK Protection: Legal assistance to protect the rights of indigenous and local communities to their traditional knowledge and ensure that it is not misappropriated or used without their permission

  • Biodiversity Conservation: Assistance with the conservation and management of biodiversity, including the development of sustainable natural resource management practices

  • Biodiversity Monitoring: Regular monitoring of biodiversity to track changes and assess the effectiveness of conservation efforts

  • Benefit Sharing: Assistance with negotiating and implementing equitable benefit-sharing agreements between local communities and other stakeholders, such as researchers or companies

  • Capacity Building: Training and education programs to build the capacity of local communities to manage and conserve their natural resources and traditional knowledge

  • Research and Development: Research and development of new products and technologies that are based on traditional knowledge and/or support the conservation of biodiversity

  • Policy and Advocacy: Advocacy for policies and laws that protect the rights of indigenous and local communities and promote the conservation of biodiversity

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